Types of Slot machines

Slots started to gain its popularity since the 1900's. Firs Slot machines were very simple and unvaried. So, it is no surprise that nowadays both online and land based casinos offer different types of Slot games for their players.

Slots Types

  • Progressive Slots

    This type of Slots is the most popular because of the biggest jackpots. The point is that Slot machines with progressive jackpots are connected into one network which has one common jackpot, and this very jackpot can be hit by any player from any machine. That is why they are called "progressive".

  • Multiple Pay-Line Slots

    The most common Multiple Pay-Line Slots contain three pay lines. But to activate these lines one must play the max, with the maximum coins number. If one inserts two coins in a 3 coin max machine and hit a winning combination he/she cannot win anything. And with the max bet, it is no matter what line one hit, he/she will win. So, there are more chances to win by playing max bets.

  • Multiplier Slots

    Every land and online casino has this type of Slot machines. The payouts on these machines are changing according to the coins number. For example, if a player hit a winning combination which pays $20 with one coin, he/she will receive $20, but he will win $40 if he inserts 2 coins and so on.

  • Bonus Multiplier Slots

    The principles of these machines are practically the same as in Multiplier Slots, but if one plays with the max bet and hit a winning combination, he/she will receive an extra bonus. For example, it is possible to win $100 by inserting 1 coin, $200 with 2 coins and $500 with 3 coins.

So, these are the main Slot machines types. It is up to you to decide what type of the game to play. But it is recommended to check the pay table before starting the game.

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