Slots Cheating

Slots are the game of luck and chance. There is no some certain Slots winning strategy by this reason. So, after all, when gambling, one will win or lose. But still, there are players that want to win this game without giving anything.

Slots cheating methods

  • Monkey Paw

    The Monkey Paw Slots cheating device was invented by Tommy Glenn Carmichael, a legend among Slot machines cheaters. This device was created for taking an advantage of the Slot machine mechanism - a payout switch. The device had a claw-like appendage with the help of which it was possible to switch the payout mechanism.

  • Coat Hangers

    Long time ago some players used coat hangers instead of the above mentioned Monkey Paw. This method was quite effective with mechanical Slot machines. With the help of this hanger it was possible to mess up the counter of the machine in such a way that it cannot control the pay outs properly. This method is effective but risky. The thief is usually caught.

  • String with coins

    This method is applicable for both video games and Slot machines. With the help of this technic cheaters inserted a coin and pulled it out with some string after the game accepted the credit. But since this method of cheating was used Slots manufacturers have installed catches inside all Slot machines in order to prevent the usage of such cheats.

  • Mini- Lights

    With technological development mechanical trip systems were substituted by optical sensors for making Slot machines less vulnerable for cheating, but still Slots cheating "bettors" made it possible to trick with this new technology. They used a light to shine the optical sensors in order to confuse it during the paying out. The light interrupts the machine and it gives a signal to begin the payout. But this method was also revealed.