Bonus Multiplier Slots

There is a great opportunity for a player to win a jackpot who plays maximum coin sizes. It means if anyone play at maximum size coin then he or she will get more chances to win a jack pot than a player who play at the lower sizes of the coin. So success depends on the sizes of the coin. For this reason I would advise you to play at maximum in the multi player slots while there is less chance for the lower sizes. If you follow the advice there is a great chance to win a jackpot. Further we will discuss about the reel slots.

Playing with Reel Slot Machines

Playing on the reel slots involve lots of fun. They offer single and multi play list bonuses. However, if to want to play with their advertised rates, there is a very little chance to win. Their advertising rates range from 1 to 4 coins.

However, if you win you will get a very little amount of bonuses. For an example of you bet a single coin then you will be paid at hundred times, for 2 coins it will bring you the bet up to 200 times, for 3 coins it might bring you 300 times and up to 4 coin you will win the same rating. But when you bet with 5 coins you might win 1000 times more than your initial bet. So it means if you bet at the range from 1 to 4 coins and 5 coins the other side, then there is a huge possibility to win a bigger jackpot.

Some features on Video Slots

If you want to play with the multiplayer options at the video slots then you have to be qualifies to get ready for highest level. It means you will have to achieve highest jackpot. Because, you will have to place bet for all of the possibilities. But in video slots it is not beneficial if you bet more than a single coin.

You can bet 1 coin per one spin in order to increase your winning chances. Thus video slots are one of the popular slot machines in the world. The player who plays on video slots has the maximum chances because he can use up to 5 coins in order to maximize the winning chance.